III - To Bring you Back

by Hostage of Fate

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A testimony to those who, in this mechanical world that struggles to crush under it, all higher ideas, ethics and feelings, still decide to stand on their feet and keep on walking, because they know that life never really ends.
"To Bring you Back" was written and recorded in spring 2016 by Hostage of Fate.
We hope it motivates and inspires you, thank you.


released November 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Hostage of Fate Greece

All are Hostage of Fate, you and we both.

The band consists of Achilles Karageorgiou (vocals, all instruments) and George Adamidis (guitars, bass), two childhood friends from Rhodes, Greece, set out to create aggressive, emotional, thought provoking rock music without any boundaries of genres/styles.
We hope our songs touch your soul and play them loud.
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Track Name: Atlas
To feel old in your prime,
To become what you despise
The world crashed Atlas spine
He let go the weight
Crushed under the heavy blue of the sky
To give importance to all this precious time
A time you could not afford
I’m witnessing the world
Crashing Atlas Spine
Atlas, what will it take?
I feel you suffer and you won’t feel mine
Stand up
Track Name: Kiss
How severe, is the wound
When you jump from so fucking high
Eyes purple hazed dark
I'm afraid not of your devilish kiss
Like Judas kissing goodbye
All that you are, devoured
As Kronos eats his children
And Earth soaks in blood
Track Name: Shelter
A man stays frozen forever until he moves so far in time
He becomes a god
Capable of creation
He seeks to alter space and time,
to be there,
to tell them,
to be together,
to love each other, forever
and promise
Nothing to bring them down
To seek shelter in space and time
Track Name: Arc Gurren Lagann
Break the rules of universe,
Arc Gurren Lagann
Breaking through destiny and the Milky Way
Arc Gurren Lagann
The screams of life echoing through the galaxy
Arc Gurren Lagann
Union of the raging billows
Track Name: Universe in Her Eyes
Anger of the human race, manifested
I risked it all, to bring you back
And then I never stood so alone
Trying some of your pain to bare
Trying to understand, unlike anything before
Unlike any other time, unlike any other fucking man
To bring you back.

And as hope was lost for humanity
Blessed by the One Grand Reality
Blessed to witness all the spectacles
Of the Universe in Her Eyes
To bring you back.
Track Name: Life is Eternal
If you decide to live again
If you decide to stand up again
At least try to remember

When you accept the will of fate
When you will and will face, face to face the pain
Do not forget

I discovered alone the cure
For almost all of my diseases

The path was simple
Best eternal present always wins

Fear is a reflex and confidence a choice
What can you think when you stare at me with those eyes
I will crush your feeble heart
Cover mine with its veins
I will drop dead the sun
And on its light I’ll bathe
Track Name: Side by Side
A bottomless pit, I searched in the abyss
I fucked that abyss straight to the brain and into your heart

I swore on the shadows of trees cast out from a fake manmade fucking light
That oath turned to nothing, was it all another manmade fucking lie

I almost had it, I dove inside the dream
Thrown out and into the fire

For what is worth, if we don't die
Side by side