At First, Man Tried to Create God​.​.​.​and He Succeeded.

by Hostage of Fate

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"Released in digital format and easily available from their bandcamp page, I would seriously recommend you check them out. They have a style that may have been tackled and executed by very few talented individuals, but Hostage of Fate nail this art; this is rather good I must say." -

"...εν κατακλείδι ο δίσκος είναι πολύ καλός,πολύπλοκος και τεχνικός μεν αλλά με ισορροπία μεταξύ τεχνικότητας και απλότητας. Συνίσταται στεγνά για τους λάτρεις των Death και του technical death, για όσους είστε λίγο δυσανεκτικοί με το είδος θα σας έλεγα να μην το απορρίψετε αμέσως, ακούστε το πρώτα και θα δείτε πως τα παιδιά αξίζουν της προσοχής σας." -

"...This wasn’t the death metal that I at first expected. Is it even death metal? To be honest this sounds like the stuff I heard on comps from the late 80s/early 90s when genre wasn’t that important. So more deathrash than anything else. Hearing this brought out feelings of wanting to go back to those old comps and listen to the music of my youth." -

"At First Man Tried to Create God...and He Succeeded may be an unwieldy title, but gives a glimpse into the thought process behind the similarly complicated and tangent-riddled songwriting. The album is obviously home-recorded and the drums clearly programmed, but that's a minor quibble when the talent on display is equally obvious. Comparisons with fellow Greeks Rotting Christ may seem lazy, but there is an undeniable similarity to the early work of their countrymen. For melodic death metal fans with a taste for prog and/or ADD, this is solid and enjoyable." - Dreams of Consciousness -


released March 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Hostage of Fate Greece

All are Hostage of Fate, you and we both.

The band consists of Achilles Karageorgiou (vocals, all instruments) and George Adamidis (guitars, bass), two childhood friends from Rhodes, Greece, set out to create aggressive, emotional, thought provoking rock music without any boundaries of genres/styles.
We hope our songs touch your soul and play them loud.
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Track Name: Hostage of Fate
It's when you feel that nothing's worth
To decide which path you 'll follow through
Your life and your dreams in the fire thrown
Save yourself, save what is true

In life, things are fragile
In life, you must accept the fact

That you are trapped, you 're doomed
You are hostage of fate

Memories you hold to, through out your life
Turn them into something
That will stand in time

When your life will come to embrace the end
Smile at the sun
Now death is your friend

One day, remember, you 'll cease to exist
Again to nothing, case dismissed
Life comes with small fragments
Is up to you to build her
Track Name: Nothing Will Remain
Death carries a heavy price,
to those who live
And in a land of madness death comes,
to those who give

Nothing will remain,
Nothing for human to obtain

Mankind lost it's way home
How can we ever survive?
All we can do is march forth
With strength, one day we might get revived
Track Name: When Man Decides War
Terror grips your heart
The sky turns from blue to black
Stand in line
It's kill or die

Everything seems like a dream
From which you can't wake up

How can you ever cover up the shame of war?

Fear takes full control
On top of the dead you crawl
A starving body
An empty mind

In blood you take your last breath
In war there's only death

Death to the scum who first decides war
Track Name: Mental Malfunctions
Track Name: Images
Do you let their lies, to take control?
It feels like a thousand knives
Tearing your inside
How can we let it go?

What will it take to let it go?

Deceit, hate
Building worlds of intense pain
Fear reigns
Picturing images of intense pain

From body and mind of your god
All human emotions wither and rot
Track Name: In Your Darkest Hour
Father, forgive me for my sins
I'm watching the world burn
I let everything slip
From my fingertips

Angels are watching
The land filled with pain
A world stripped of hope
And our dreams trapped by fate

In your darkest hour
Remember the promise you made
Do no let hope fade

Angels are chanting
From the skies high above
The hymn of humanity's fall

So what will you do
To embrace life?
Will you step forward
Or you 'll just wait to die?
Track Name: At the End, God Refused to Die