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"Can't explain why I so much liked this release...no its not only because of the music, a mix of raw-old school Death-Thrash with Grind influences...it is MAINLY because of the lyrics which are expressing anger, agony and bitterness in the most exceptional way I have seen in a Death Metal album since many many years...there are some things hidden behind Hostage of Fate's artistic delivery (and I am using the word "Art" consciously here)...it is worthy of your time to search for them..." - jupiter-variation.com

"Ιδανικό soundtrack, αν πετύχεις “άσπονδο” πρόσωπο στο δρόμο (“εγώ δεν σ' αγαπάω που του έσπασα μόνο δύο πλευρά του δικού σου;”)." - rockway.gr

"This album is loaded with metallic chaos, brutal vocals, spine shattering blast beats and brainfucking riffs. Yet, the whole thing feels extremely experimental, which is quite impressive if you think about how minimalistic the music really is. It's definitely something different, different from pretty much every death metal album I've heard..."
- merchantsofair.com

"Hostage Of Fate plays a musical style that takes the mid 80's and early 90's styles of death metal and grindcore and mixes them with a touch of thrash to create a musical style of their own, the production sounds very old school while the lyrics cover dark and violent themes." - hatredmeanswar4.blogspot.gr

"Dans la forme, II est indescriptible…Dans le fond, ça n’est pas plus clair, même si l’on croit pouvoir trouver des éléments de Crust, de Hardcore, de Thrashcore, mais aussi de Grind, de Black et surtout, de musique extrême assez lo-fi dans l’esprit qui ne s’embarrasse guère de principes ni de politesse." - metaloddities.canalblog.com

"Co najlepsze z naprawdę dziwnych składników (np. mamy tu kolejna miniaturę, spokojne „I love you”, po którym dostajemy crustowe i cholernie ciężkie „Stardust”) udało się wykreować całkiem zjadliwa całość." - metalrulez.pl

"Lo que más destaca de esta banda es su toque oscuro y el sonido tan rancio que logran. Una batería que suena muy de los noventa, infernal, que me recuerda a los Bathory del Octagon y del Requiem. Un trabajo de guitarras que combina diferentes elementos: Death, Crust, Thrash, Hardcore, Punk… cierto que no tienen una técnica muy elevada, pero consiguen un sonido aplastante y bastante curioso" - metalbrothers.es


released May 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Hostage of Fate Greece

All are Hostage of Fate, you and we both.

The band consists of Achilles Karageorgiou (vocals, all instruments) and George Adamidis (guitars, bass), two childhood friends from Rhodes, Greece, set out to create aggressive, emotional, thought provoking rock music without any boundaries of genres/styles.
We hope our songs touch your soul and play them loud.
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Track Name: We will Pierce the Heavens by Tearing you Apart
I'm burning my insides, with a fire that can burn
the whole fucking sun
You damn fucking coward
Not worth even one drop of my spit
Your faces bring disgust
How can you be so blind?
How can you so easily shame trust?
Track Name: The Deathbed
An action that would never get undone
I drive my corpse through black from the rust nails
Unpurposely, forever

On her Deathbed, before the end
She told me how disgusting i was

Will things fall into place? Here and now, all that is
In silence they scream, in silence they die
Let it be and life would never be the same.
Track Name: Time
Words came out, like the river that searches for that one ocean to cleanse its waters
Meaningless for some
A man killed a lion today and on his flesh, he carved the word "death"
Hypocrite, delusion
It comes in and out, deepening it more, more and more
Is it something that you enjoy and drives your every desire?

Time, this search of you and mine.
Track Name: Would you ever bring us Peace?
Track Name: Skydive
Stuck in a blank state of mind,
Torn between the universes
When did you last call for help?
When was the last time, where your knees met the earth?
And your prayers from a deaf god never heard.

Demanding the impossible, a sparrow makes it last journey
The sky cannot be reached.
Skydive, until the planet's core is breached.

It burns, it makes my lungs want to crash my bones

Care, in moments of silence, screams silent
If heard, would have break the sky in half
and the sun in pieces.
Track Name: Dead
As brothers and sisters, search hundreds and hundreds of
thousands of miles to have the hundredth of what you so selfishly have.

Humanity washed ashore, dead
Underneath a shameful sun and next to a madman's heaven

I search with barren hands, miles and miles of deep snow and ice
Eyes get blind, ears turn deaf and hands cut off.
Track Name: Zombie
En zombie utan ben bunden upp och ner ett blorod kors gjort av kallt stal metall
Ser i skyn glorian av himlen som snart ska valkomna honom.
Vem i helvetet forsoker du overtala?
Track Name: She, the One
Why you stand there, lifeless
In front of the man who tries to make you smile

She, the One - who is deserved
Is guaranteed to blow your fucking mind

We will go anyway into the fire, so why don't you grab my hand?
Track Name: Red Blue Black
Red and Black, the colors i painted your demise
Will you scream their name even in your death?

With a dark shade of Blue, i painted inside the still waters your rebirth
Would you scream to your god, how you were saved from death?

How did you let all go?
Alone you are searching for that sky high
Alone in the streets of marble
Next to colorless roses
Who beg the strangers passing by
To bring back their blue light.
Track Name: Ι love you
An ode to you
The One,
Most beautiful of all realities
The One,
Where all living beings carefully have their hopes sleeping
Where all dreams lay with eyes closed side by side
I pray to you,
True, above everything and nothing,
Reality of the real
The One,
I thank you with all the strength this flesh and mind can give
For giving me the chance to exist, a chance to be.
An ode you
The One.
Track Name: Stardust
Reminding me of the things i cannot have,
Is neither greed or gluttony, rather than a sincere fucking wish
Of a man

Ten thousand millions of millions of tons
Purest form of energy to pulverize
I'll fucking break your atoms

Human, take off the corpse, Longinus Spear
Why don't you stop
after all we are all just stardust.
Track Name: The Conversation
Everything that we know and love
is reducible to the absurd
acts of chemicals and therefore there is no intrinsic value
in this material universe.
Hypocrite that you are, for you trust the chemicals in your brain
to tell you they are chemicals.
All knowledge is ultimately based on what which you cannot prove.
So will you fight? Or will you perish like a dog?